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Toxic Tuesday biochem hazard smallToxic family members have existed since the first family—go read through the book of Genesis for multiple examples. Unfortunately the examples don’t end there. The Bible is full of sin, dysfunction, rebellion, murder, betrayal and more; among and against family members.

I’m grateful God loves the unlovely, calls the unqualified, forgives the sinner, and gives purpose for the pain; which is often self-inflicted by foolish souls. He takes the smallest bit of faith, smaller than a mustard seed, and credits it to us as righteousness.

In today’s society, functional families are the exception because dysfunction is rampant in every demographic across the globe.

The good news is: It’s never too late to begin the detoxification process; by faith!

Today I am once again turning to, Ron Corzine, of SCOPE (Simple Concepts of Practical Equipping) to help us sort through family discord. The Bible offers practical applications for any problem, conflict or question; forever and always. We can count on God’s word.

Here are excerpts…

Definition: toxic is when two people are stuck in a way of relating that is poisonous to one or the other. It’s affecting them both. They just can’t seem to move on. It only causes hurt and more hurt. It can be destructive physically, spiritually, and emotionally. That’s what it means to be toxic. That’s what we’re talking about.

So you don’t say, “How poisonous is it? Are you more toxic than I am?” No. You do something about it. When it’s toxic you have to act. You can’t just leave something that’s toxic alone and expect it to get better. It doesn’t! You have to do something about it.

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