Toxic Tuesday Guest Post: Dealing with Toxic Family Members, Part 4

Everybody’s imperfect. If you’re putting the weight of perfection on any human relationship; it will become toxic. You’re going to create even in the best of relationships, expectations that can never be met.

Toxic Tuesday Guest Post: Toxic Family Part 3

“Forgiveness does not mean restoration has taken place. It is only releasing them from what they did to hurt or offend you.
Forgiveness is a big issue in families because we’re so close to each other. We hurt each other in little ways as well as in big ways all the time.”

Toxic Tuesday Guest Post: Toxic Family Part 2

So often we think if we can just do a couple of little things, then everything will begin to get better. Maybe – maybe not.

Toxic Tuesday Guest Post: Toxic Family

So you don’t say, “How poisonous is it? Are you more toxic than I am?” No. You do something about it. When it’s toxic you have to act. You can’t just leave something that’s toxic alone and expect it to get better. It doesn’t! You have to do something about it.

Toxic Tuesday: Ten Toxic Traits

how the traits of legalism, hypocrisy, guilt Trips, nitpicking, maligned motives, guilt by association, ridicule, flattery, intimidation and pressure, and gossip look in a real life setting.
I’m referring to traits of people in the church; not the world. Ouch!

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