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I adore fresh homemade guacamole—thanks to my sister.

I wasted so many years of my life not appreciating avocados and then my sister made me her guac and taught me how she picks her fresh avocados from the grocery store.

In the past any time I tried eating avocados they were too mushy and slimy. Since texture is everything to me; I did not get beyond a couple of forced bites.

This recipe is so delicious you will enjoy eating guacamole and chips for a meal or as a side to delicious Tex-Mex dishes. For me, I make an auto-immune protocol recipe and fry or bake homemade sweet potato chips for dipping. (Recipe below)

Start with firm but not hard avocados. I like them with the slightest amount of spring to them, not soft. If you cannot press on them and they are totally resistant to being squeezed then the fruit will not be ready to eat for 2-3 days. If the avocados are soft, but not mushy, and easily squeezed you will have soft spreadable guacamole.  I like mine chunky with one soft avocado mixed with the firm.




Score avocados through to the peel then scrape the insides out with a spoon. Fast and easy!DSCN3189





Above: Press plastic wrap tightly against the guacamole to get the air out, making sure the guac is completely sealed. You can also keep the avocado pit in the dish with the guac. The plastic wrap, and the pit, will keep the guacamole from browning.

Recipe: 6 large avocados plus half of the following Pico De Gallo recipe

Pico De Gallo

Because the heat and taste of onion can vary from crop to crop, I cut a piece off and inspect it by smelling it and tasting it. This is a necessary evil because not much is worse than taking the time to chop all your ingredients, mix your recipe and find out a bad onion spoiled the flavor of the entire dish. I use equal parts tomato, onion and fresh cilantro but if the onion is too strong I cut the amount back to ¼ to ½ depending on the onion’s strength.

Pico De Gallo Recipe: (Use half of this recipe for the guac and half for chip dip or a topping to your favorite mexican dish.)

6 Roma tomatoes rinsed, core the top, chopped

1 medium white onion, peeled and chopped

1 large bunch of rinsed cilantro, chopped; remove long stems at the bottom of the bunch

1 large lime—juiced, you may use zest too if you like it

1/2 teaspoon garlic salt

*Optional-2 seeded, deveined serrano peppers, minced. If you like extreme heat do NOT remove the seeds and veins. Serrano peppers, to me, have the best flavor of all the Mexican peppers. My daughter occasionally likes to make p with 2 large chopped (yes, chopped not minced) jalapeños. For flavor with mild heat use a chile or poblano pepper; seeded.

The importance is equal amounts of tomato, white onion & cilantro. I add lime juice until I can taste it mixed throughout the entire batch.

Serve with restaurant style white corn tortilla chips warmed in the oven for 3 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Eat plain with chips or as a topping on your favorite taco, fajita, burrito, quesadilla, chalupa, salad, meat or casserole.

Again, add half the Pico De Gallo to 6 large chopped avocados. Mix well and mash the avocados and pico with a fork or potato masher. I enjoy the flavor of lime in my guacamole. If the juice of 1 lime is not enough for you keep mixing in a teaspoon of lime juice at a time until you reach the desired lime flavor.



I make this in a smaller batch since I am the only person in the house who eats it.

2-3 large avocados

Juice of 1/2 lime

2 tablespoons cilantro

1/8 teaspoon onion powder

1/8 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan sea salt or gray Celtic sea salt

Mix and slightly mash ingredients.

AIPers, your taste buds will thank you!

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