Update: Detoxification—You Can Help

Here is an update on a previous post, Detoxification—You Can Help, about a woman named Krissy who recently had her world turned upside down when she found out her husband had molested a child. Her husband was arrested, he admitted to the crime, and he remains in jail.

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I want to share a Facebook post by Krissy so you can glimpse a snapshot of her life, her heart, her need…her trust in the One who is trustworthy in all circumstances—including when life seems it can’t get any lower…but does…again and again.

I need your breath of life again. Without it, I won’t exist. I need you to recreate me. Like dry bones, I am nothing. Yet, I’m waiting. I cannot say I am hoping, because Lord, hope hurts too much. Instead, I just am waiting. Waiting for you to restore me, fulfill me, and make me new.
Is there yet more in me, Father, that needs to be broken before you can reshape me? Reveal it, and don’t wait any longer. Break me. Make me. Then again, God, if you don’t, I will choose to accept it and understand that some of your work is done in the waiting. As much as it hurts, God, even this I will accept. May not be as graceful in the accepting, but I will try.
You are amazing, My King. None of this matters in the face of who you are and how lovely you are. How amazing is my God! How awesome He is. He knows what we need when we need it and He is a good father who gives to His children what they need. Praise you, Jesus.”

Please click this GoFundMe link or the link below and help Krissy, and her children, during their time of need. ~Thank you.

The McCuen Cause: GoFundMe link—CLICK HERE

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