New Hospitality Bar

I’ve had a few people contact me over the last year asking for this post, followed by another reminder today. I can see it on my administrative account, but it has a broken link to the public post, so here it is again. If you make one for your home, send me a pic!

Spring Thomas (Messer) 20 Talking Points

Here is a list and timeline of Spring Thomas (Messer’s) life as related to the disappearance of Lynn Messer.

12 problems with Kerry Messer’s Version of Lynn’s Case

Read about them here as I gear up for Lynn’s prayer vigil. #JusticeForLynn

Lynn Messer Public Prayer Vigil, July 8, 2019

Please make plans to attend a prayer vigil for Lynn Messer as we ask God for answers, truth, and #JusticeForLynn. Please share on social media, church prayer-chains, and with friends. Thank you.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Safety Questions for Parents to Ask Kids

Here are some questions for conversation that you can use with your kids to make sure school, church, extra-curricular activities, and outings with friends and family are safe.

Pedophile or Molester?

Here are the differences between pedophiles and molesters. The one thing they have in common: they don’t change.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: Symptoms Part 3

Know emotional and behavioral signs to look for. This could be for your child or a friend’s child. Sometimes a friend, family member, or someone in your social network will notice changes too. Knowledge = Protective Power

Protecting Children from Predators: Childhood Sexual Abuse Part 2

Let’s compare myth to facts and learn signs that an adult may be targeting a child for sexual reasons. Also learn how to respond to a child’s disclosure of abuse.

How Sexual Predators Choose Child Victims: Part 1

Knowledge is power. Keep your children and grandbabies safe. I go by this simple rule: when in a crowd or gathering of any sort; I assume there is a predator in our midst and protectively act accordingly.

Lynn Messer’s note handwriting comparison

I’ve received several pieces of handwriting belonging to Lynn Messer and to (allegedly) Kerry Messer. Take a look at the differences. Is this perhaps the reason Kerry Messer didn’t want family to see the entire note? Would family have known from day one that Lynn didn’t write all of the note?

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