Vindication for Sexual Abuse Victims of Ravi Zacharias

Celebrity pastor Ravi Zacharias caught in long-term sexual deviance & abuse. An organization or individual that allows evil to thrive through sexual abuse cover-up is not Christ-like, & the ministry of Ravi Zacharias is invalidated by his refusal to repent & ask forgiveness. I supported & believed Lori Anne Thompson the last 4 years.

Pedophile or Molester?

Here are the differences between pedophiles and molesters. The one thing they have in common: they don’t change.

Protecting Children from Predators: Childhood Sexual Abuse Part 2

Let’s compare myth to facts and learn signs that an adult may be targeting a child for sexual reasons. Also learn how to respond to a child’s disclosure of abuse.

Abusers, Denial, and 10 Tips From Their Playbook

In light of the R. Kelly headlines: Read the different ways abusers react when confronted and study their team playbook. Should you believe them? Is letting them off the hook showing grace…after all, aren’t grace and forgiveness biblical concepts?

A Case Against Abused Women: Part 1

It is my heart and passion to speak truth to hurting women, and to educate the church on domestic abuse because it is in our midst.

14 points the church needs to hear in the wake of the Andy Savage sexual assault case

14 points the church needs to hear in the wake of the Andy Savage sexual assault case. Please prayerfully read…

21 Things NOT to Say to an Abuse Survivor and Leadership Journal’s Lack of Discernment

After many caring and concerned readers made comments asking Leadership Journal to remove the post, (many whose comments LJ removed) and many more readers who began a #TakeDownThatPost campaign; LJ decided to remove the post. One of the most compelling letters showing LJ their lapse of judgment for posting the article was submitted by Mary DeMuth.

Toxic Intervention

Make a list of applicable concerns, grievances, infidelities, hurtful behaviors or possible mental illnesses. Your goal is to bring the person to repentance, restore the relationship and provide emotional healing.

What Would Jesus Do in a Toxic Relationship?

At times I felt as though God held my hand as I skimmed the surface of hell begging and pleading with my person to leave their sin, make things right, do the hard thing, seek help, choose their family and their God; not their messed up life and their vocation.

Breaking Free from Abuse: Part 3

Nothing crushes your spirit more than abuse.
We have to deal with abuse because it is contagious and gets passed on from generation to generation.

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse Here are notes I took yesterday from Pastor Rick Warren’s  September series You Make Me Crazy. If you know a crazymaker or are a crazymaker God has much to say about abusive circumstances. No matter how bad your circumstances are you can count on God’s love and God’sContinue reading “Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse”

Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast

Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast This is for sweet women suffering in abusive relationships who need to know God is on their side; I am too and I am praying for you. If you or someone you know is suffering from physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse you need to realize, “The damageContinue reading “Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast”

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