As we repent for our sins and the sins of our nation let us not forget: God does not use repentance as a form of punishment. Quite the contrary; it is our invitation to healing, power, wisdom, blessing and restoration. Repentance is a gift; it is our right! There is joy to be found inContinue reading “AN URGENT CALL TO PRAYER: DAY FIVE – Anne Graham Lotz”

The Johnson Family Miracle: Our Story Goes On

“We could have been wiped out in a split second but we weren’t.” “I look back at how Todd prayed for the protection. Todd prayed for our protection, for the car’s protection for the trailer’s protection…”

Flashing Billboards on My Forehead

… if you, like me, have a flashing billboard on your forehead — turn it off! And keep clear of Icy Hot.

Faith-Friendly Public Schools

..”.students in our public schools have the right to express their faith in their assignments. They can witness to their classmates, read their Bibles at school, and yes, they can pray.”

DIY Prayer Board

There is relief, sometimes unexplainable, that only comes through prayer. So we pray for those we know and love and for those who ask us to pray for them.

The Increase: Adam Wainwright – My Story

The Increase: Adam Wainwright – My Story. Here is how the worst injury  in the St. Louis Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright’s career helped him thrive in his personal life.    

Breaking Free from Abuse: Part 3

Nothing crushes your spirit more than abuse.
We have to deal with abuse because it is contagious and gets passed on from generation to generation.

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse Here are notes I took yesterday from Pastor Rick Warren’s  September series You Make Me Crazy. If you know a crazymaker or are a crazymaker God has much to say about abusive circumstances. No matter how bad your circumstances are you can count on God’s love and God’sContinue reading “Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse”

Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast

Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast This is for sweet women suffering in abusive relationships who need to know God is on their side; I am too and I am praying for you. If you or someone you know is suffering from physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse you need to realize, “The damageContinue reading “Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast”

Hidden Hardships Behind Closed Doors

HIDDEN HARDSHIPS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS I received this devotion in my email inbox yesterday from Proverbs 31 Ministries. This is a beautiful testimony of how a woman lived through difficult circumstances by not forsaking her time with the Lord each day. Over three hundred years ago this woman made a difference not only in theContinue reading “Hidden Hardships Behind Closed Doors”

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