Child sexual abuse rampant during the holidays

Are you aware that children can be ‘groomed’ or molested right in front of your eyes without you being wise to it? For people looking to offend; holiday gatherings provide a bountiful, unsuspecting selection. Learn some of the clues you can look for.

Abuse Resource List

Need resources for your church or organization regarding domestic abuse response? Are you aware there are many free resources on the internet? Free Christ-centered counseling from two of the best counselors who understand domestic abuse, toxic relationships, and boundaries. Free assessments to determine safety, and abuse. Quick guide for reviewing types of abuse. Websites andContinue reading “Abuse Resource List”

Toxic Tuesday: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Even the most well trained counselor can have a difficult time discerning between the two; after all, wolves are experts at deceit. Here are 3 ways to spot a wolf. Disclaimer: Usually only family members know the truth.

Toxic Tuesday: Do You Have Biblical Permission to Leave a Toxic Spouse?

Today I’m sharing the blog post that has daily, for 3 1/2 years, remained the most read article I’ve written.

Toxic Tuesday: Flashing Billboards On My Forehead

I have a history of allowing anger (toxicity) to be taken out on me so when it comes up in a relationship it feels natural but I know God is calling me to recognize and respond to it in a biblical way. This is anything but easy for me. “You want to learn this lesson in the classroom and not on a field trip.” I imagine I have more field trips logged than the average student.

Toxic Relationships: To Do or Not To Do

“Do not sit in your living room staring at a big pink elephant while pretending it isn’t there.”

What Would Jesus Do in a Toxic Relationship?

At times I felt as though God held my hand as I skimmed the surface of hell begging and pleading with my person to leave their sin, make things right, do the hard thing, seek help, choose their family and their God; not their messed up life and their vocation.

Toxic Tuesday: Boundary of Self-Sufficiency

The tower of Babel was built out of the desire to be self-sufficient;

Toxic Tuesday: Boundaries Nov. 26, 2013

“That is your opinion,” used consistently will remind your D.P. the ‘wear them down’ tactic is no longer a working strategy to be used against you.

Toxic Tuesday: Boundaries

Do not feed the monsters!

Flashing Billboards on My Forehead

… if you, like me, have a flashing billboard on your forehead — turn it off! And keep clear of Icy Hot.

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