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Back After 2 Years

My domain name changed to Since I’ve volunteered as a crisis resource advocate for over a decade, I decided to have my website name reflect my passion. Next, I want to talk about Lynn Messer. I know she is dear to our hearts, and I still pray that questions about her death will be…

Gabby Petito in Relation to Social Justice

I wish Gabby had understood he was the problem, not her. I wish some Christians understood ministry to victims is not a social justice cause; it’s biblical. Read why…

Church Teachings and the Massage Spa Shootings

Join the discussion. Did church teachings on sexuality contribute, and are we following the example of Jesus in ministry.

Vindication for Sexual Abuse Victims of Ravi Zacharias

Celebrity pastor Ravi Zacharias caught in long-term sexual deviance & abuse. An organization or individual that allows evil to thrive through sexual abuse cover-up is not Christ-like, & the ministry of Ravi Zacharias is invalidated by his refusal to repent & ask forgiveness. I supported & believed Lori Anne Thompson the last 4 years.


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