NLCS Champions: St Louis Cardinals

We’ve listened to the catchy phrases: Red October in Cardinal Nation. It is Winsday for Winwright. (Wednesday for Wainwright for you non-Cardinal fans) and we have seen pictures of Fozzie Bear wearing a Cardinals’ cap with the caption, “Wacha, Wacha, Wacha” for our rookie pitcher, Michael Wacha, who was the MVP of the National League Championship Series.

WARNING: In St. Louis, Facebook is not a place for non-baseball fans to spend the weekend because social media has been taken over by Red October fans.

We are thrilled, we are proud and we are looking forward to watching our team of hard working, humble, best in the league; seasoned, young and rookie ball players do their thing.

I want a 2013 World Series win for them but I especially want it for Coach Matheny (1st World Series Win as coach), Adam Wainwright (because he was injured during the 2011 World Series), Matt Holliday (injured during the last World Series and was not able to play at the top of his game {plus he is from my hometown of Stillwater, OK and many of us are naturally proud of him}), Yadier Molina (best catcher ever in my opinion), Carlos Beltran (is deserving of his first Championship ring), and Michael Wacha (because I think the sports commentators have it all wrong concerning the best young pitcher in baseball. It’s not Clayton Kershaw, of the L.A. Dodgers — it’s Michael Wacha of the St. Louis Cardinals. Wacha also pitched better than Greinke). Additionally Coach Matheny, Adam Wainwright, Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina, Carlos Beltran, Matt Carpenter, Trevor Rosenthal, Jake Westbrook, David Freese, Jason Mott, Kolton Wong and Shane Robinson are many of the Cardinals known as Christ followers.

This team brings me great fun, smack in the middle of fall, and helps boost my joy level as I thrive despite some of life’s difficulties.

BTW – A.J. updated his prayer board entry: “For the Cards to beat the Dodgers” “Won! 10-18-2013”

He posted a new request tonight: “For St. Louis to win the 2013 World Series”

I have two very happy young boys in my house tonight. It is midnight and now time for them to stop watching the post game interviews and, as Colson stated when the Cards were three outs away from winning the NLCS tonight, “Yay, I want to see the whiskey fight!” A.K.A. celebrating by spraying champagne on each other in the locker room.

Good night, Cardinal Nation! You are the best baseball city with the best baseball fans of anywhere I have ever lived. {Kansas City, Denver, Houston and Atlanta}

Go Cards!

Twas the Day of Game 6

Twas the day of Game 6
And all through the town
Every citizen’s in red
For what’s about to go down
The hoodies were on
Hat’s covering their hair
October in St. Louis
Has a nip in the air
The fans were all nestled all snug in their chairs
In hopes that a pennant would soon be theirs
And I in my jersey
And also my hat
Had just settled in
Before the first at-bat
When out of Busch Stadium
There arose such a cheer
I sprang from my seat
Nearly spilling my beer
When what, to my anxious eyes should appear?
A very tall pitcher, and eight others showing no fear
His name was Wacha
Lanky and tall
He knew what to do
All he needed was the ball
He took the field
His teammates did the same
Then he whistled
And he called them by name
Now Freeser! Now Carpenter! Now Kozma and Jay!
On Beltran, On Adams, On Yadi and Holliday!”
“From the very first pitch
Until the last out
Let’s leave it all on the field
He sprang to the mound, and gave the team a wink
They took their positions, not knowing what to think
Leaving no doubt”
Then they heard him exclaim
With all of his might
“Happy Wachtober to all
We’re doing this tonight”

~Copied from Facebook, uncertain of author

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