Who Is Killing American Women? Their Husbands And Boyfriends, CDC Confirms.

A new report finds that most female homicides involve domestic violence.


Most murders of American women involve domestic violence, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday.


The CDC analyzed data from 18 states, finding 10,018 female homicides between 2003 and 2014. Over half ― 55 percent ― of cases where circumstances were known involved domestic violence. In 93 percent of those cases, victims were killed by current or former intimate partners: boyfriends, husbands, and lovers. The other 7 percent of victims were female friends, family members, first responders and bystanders who were killed during a domestic incident.

While the facts seem shocking at face value, they’re not surprising or new.

It is already well-established that women in the U.S. are far more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than by any other group of people. As HuffPost previously reported: It’s not strangers, friends or acquaintances who pose the biggest threat to women’s lives. It’s the men they date and marry.

According to the report, one in 10 victims of homicides involving domestic abuse had experienced some form of violence in the month before their death, suggesting an opportunity for intervention.


“These assessments might be used to facilitate immediate safety planning and to connect women with other services, such as crisis intervention and counseling, housing, medical and legal advocacy, and access to other community resources,” the CDC report read.


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Who Is Killing American Women? Their Husbands And Boyfriends, CDC Confirms.


If you believe you or another person is in danger right now,
contact police immediately.

If you question if you are in danger or not; take the Mosaic Threat AssessmentMOSAIC is an error avoidance method, a computer-assisted method for conducting comprehensive assessments – in the same way that diagnosis is a method used by a doctor. An effective medical diagnosis results when a doctor knows which questions to ask, knows which tests will produce the most accurate answers, and then knows how to draw relevant conclusions from all the answers combined together.

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Killing American Women? Their Husbands And Boyfriends, CDC Confirms.

  1. What also should be divulged in this article is the connection of porn to abuse of women, as anger and sexual addiction go hand in hand. The more men succumb to this insidious sin the more controlling they become and the more women are viewed as objects instead of Yahweh’s precious daughters to be cherished and protected.

    The other huge problem is the fact that women in the church have no where to go if their indoctrination has been that men are “above” them in spiritual authority. Many of these men now have the same issues and it is often the “good ‘ole boys’ club” where, like doctors, they don’t come against one another for gender alone. The situation is down-played or a blind eye is turned to the bad behavior of the perpetrator.

    Ironically, the best help I received dealing with my abuse was through “secular” but effective and protective counseling for abused women. They gave me proven, time-tested tools to protect me to preserve my life.

    In the typical “church” today the woman is placed in a subordinate position of having to “prove” her abuse and often by the time you go through those channels (as if what you have endured is not bad enough) it is too late for any true hope of change. So, you are victimized twice. Add to that the legal system fiasco of family court and you are further victimized. No wonder many women endure abuse and don’t speak up; they weigh it out and feel it isn’t worth it. And, where could they go and make it on their own after all of that mess? They put up and shut up and pray they can survive and accept the terrible treatment to which they have resigned themselves.

    I spent most of the years (of our 34 year marriage) in counseling and marriage seminars with my ex-abuser and not one counselor knew how to deal with him or call him out for his manipulation; he duped all of them. The term “gas lighting” wasn’t common then but had they been trained to spot it perhaps this could have been dealt with many years earlier before more time brought him more power to wield against me and others.

    The religious “counselors” know how to quote the same scriptures out of context (primarily pointing to the responsibility of the woman) but they don’t know how to correct (or hold to accountability) the abusers and effectively protect the victims in these destructive relationships.

    Thank you for bringing this to the light. Because more of us women have been strengthened by the love of our Yeshua and are now able to move past the brain-washing of today’s religious jargon (via counseling) to stand strong and speak out for the weaker ones, there will be less tolerance for what is shrouded in a cloak of secrecy in the name of “marriage and submission.” We are Yahweh’s precious vessels; if we don’t respect ourselves as His divine creation, who will? We are never called to submit to wickedness or evil in the name of Biblical submission in a marriage. We are to submit to one another and if the husband is unwilling to submit to correction and righteousness then we have no place with them to enable their rebellion to continue. We are to be controlled by the Spirit of the Lord, not man.

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