Toxic Tuesday Guest Post: Toxic Family Part 3

Toxic Tuesday biochem hazard smallToday I am once again turning to, Ron Corzine, of SCOPE (Simple Concepts of Practical Equipping) to help us sort through family discord in part 3 of Dealing With Toxic Family Members. The Bible offers practical applications for any problem, conflict or question; forever and always. We can count on God’s word.

How would you answer the below questions?

“Suppose you find out that there’s someone in your family that has been spreading some ugly gossip about you to other family members. I know. This is a totally hypothetical situation. It never happens in real families. Just suppose that happened. And you find out about it. You know we just talked about forgiveness. You know I want to forgive them. What should you do? Should you forgive them immediately? Should you wait to forgive them until they ask for forgiveness? If you forgive them immediately should you write them a note or call them immediately and say “I want you to know I’ve forgiven you for what you’ve done.” How should you handle that?” ~Ron Corzine

Do you think there are cut and dry answers to these questions?

Hold off on that, “I forgive you” note until you have read the entire article.

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