Toxic Tuesday Guest Post: Toxic Family Part 2

Toxic Tuesday biochem hazard smallToday I am once again turning to, Ron Corzine, of SCOPE (Simple Concepts of Practical Equipping) to help us sort through family discord in part 2 of Dealing With Toxic Family Members. The Bible offers practical applications for any problem, conflict or question; forever and always. We can count on God’s word.

“So what do we do about toxic family members?  First let me say I hope you are not thinking that just a few quick steps or applied principles with fix all your toxic relationships.  It won’t be that easy.  So often we think if we can just do a couple of little things, then everything will begin to get better. Maybe – maybe not.   I am going to approach this by suggesting at least four prayers you can begin to pray. This is really the place to start.  Today we will look at the first prayer.” ~Ron Corzine

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