“The Gospel in Four Minutes”

Right on! The Gospel in Four Minutes

This man gets it right! We need a Savior; but why? So many know why yet are not able to articulate why; including me.

It begins with Genesis. The foundation must be set which includes creation and the fall otherwise there is no need for a Savior. Without taking the foundation of God’s word seriously and literally there is no need for the New Testament.

God wrote the Old Testament to show us why we need a Savior and to point the world to the Messiah’s arrival: Our sin requires a perfect sacrifice which He would provide for all.

Jesus came and began the New Testament Church age: To point us to His Father God because Jesus knows just how good Heaven is with His Father and Jesus does not want us to miss eternity with Him.

I was thrilled to come upon this video. God placed this man in this generation and I pray he is highly successful in leading his generation to the cross and introducing them a to personal relationship with Jesus.

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