Goodbye Cardinals Hello Royals

October baseball

Goodbye Red October; there is no other sky I would rather live under every autumn. You are always faithful and fun; albeit nerve-wracking!

Baseball A Nervous Breakdown

Jon Jay dances with Matt Holliday’s son Ethan,7, while the team celebrates in the locker room after the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Division Series after beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. Photo by Laurie Skrivan,

Our team has style in every way! Just one more reason I love our team on and off the field.

Not a Cardinals Fan

I’m thankful Missouri’s rising Blue Moon has the force to push the Giants into the sea. May the Blue Moon’s powerful tide make the dawning of the fifth day unattainable for the San Francisco Giants.

KC Royals

This Missourian is cheering for you, Kansas City Royals.



Farm Boy and I took our ten and eleven year old boys to Kansas City for a game during the Royals’ series against the Tigers the weekend of September 19th. Colson and A.J. thought the Royals’ fans displayed rude manners booing so many times at the umps, the other team, and even their own team when they made mistakes yet they also commented the fans were not as rude and unruly as the Giants’ fans.  Our boys did however love the Mooing!


The below video is of Matthew West’s Royals’ song. Matthew West is one of my favorite Christian recording artists; in fact, I have used some of his other songs/videos in earlier Toxic Tuesday posts to encourage my readers to thrive despite difficult circumstances.

KC mascot
Sluggerr—Royals’ Mascot
Royals' fountains
Kaufman Stadium Fountains

2014 World Series



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