Snow Video

For my nieces in Texas.

“Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play.”

It is a frigid 19° F with 10″ of fresh snow and more to fall over the next few hours.

We are happy!

*Keep the sound low. Youtube did not edit the sound of blowing snow well.

DSCN2935Before the big snow. Layered in snow pants and Cardinal coats, from Happy and Nannie (grandparents), and sleds from  Aunt Chasady ,Uncle Curtis and ‘the cousins’. DSCN2955DSCN295410 + inches of snow while snow continues to fall.

 DSCN2953 Getting ready to sled down our long steep driveway. The snow plows have not been here since earlier in the morning due to drifting snow so no cars on the road.

DSCN2959 DSCN2958 Back deckDSCN2957 DSCN2956We are enjoying the snow storm in the St. Louis, Missouri, suburbs on our rugged green  acre (covered in snow); or as A.J. calls it—our brush pile.

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