Toxic: People Do Not Buy People

TRAFFICKING This is alarming.

This disgusts me.

The evil in this world brings me to tears.

It literally makes my heart hurt; real pain—heaviness, in my physical heart. There is no way to understand why men pay to have sex with children, young girls and women.

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Last night I learned about the below Focus on the Family daily broadcast. As parents and as a society we cannot protect when we do not know about, and cannot identify, the danger crouching to attack and devour our children.

I hope you find time to listen to this broadcast with your spouse and with your children if they are old enough to hear the story.

Knowledge is power. Know the tactics traffickers use! Emphasize to your family you trust Wilberforcethem; but you do not trust this world so we need to know signs of traffickers for protecting not only our own families but also for protecting friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Human trafficking knows no boundaries; age, race, class, religion, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nation, or home life.

Innocent victims, those who are not deceitful, have no baseline from which to understand deception. This makes discernment difficult. How is a young person to recognize or identify a human sex trafficker who has false motives?

With internet pornography in play (video not just still pictures) and more and more men becoming addicted to types of porn not previously seen by generations before us, I truly believe we are only seeing the tip of the sex trafficking iceberg. Consumer demand is high. Supply (the owner) desires to make big profit. Traffickers are bridging the supply and demand gap.

We usually think of traffickers as abductors but in more and more cases they are recruiters who use no force. Recruiters view victims as nothing more than a product which they are looking to sell to a pimp and/or an owner.

Brianna, in the Focus on the Family daily broadcast, was swept off her feet by someone with whom she had so much in common. The truth was they had nothing in common.

An older man, I’ll refer to him as a scout, who visited the restaurant where Brianna worked would strike up conversations with her and ask her questions about herself. Little did she know the older gentleman was passing the information on to college age guys, recruiters, who would then go to the eating establishment and converse with her about subjects that were of interest to her personally. She thought they had so much in common!

Victims are lured with charm, ease and false sincerity of young men who need taught their job is to defend and protect; not exploit.

Listen, learn…{512289A6-7E20-4F82-B11C-CF70FB65B543}


Other resources: SharedHope International: Pimps/traffickers often exhibit the following behaviors or characteristics. & Warning signs that a individual is being trafficked. 

State Report Cards on how human trafficking laws and justice. How does your state rate?

Google your local county Sheriff’s Department: Sex Offender List  to find where local registered sex offenders live.  It is doubtful that human traffickers are on a sex offender’s list, but it is beneficial to know if you have offenders in your neighborhood.

St. Charles County Missouri:


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