Michael Reagan’s Childhood Sexual Abuse

Michael Reagan: a bearer of light amidst the darkness of child sexual abuse

Son of President Ronald Reagan tells about his childhood victimization. He acknowledges child sexual abuse picks apart the self-esteem of its victims but shines the light on authentic hope for the many who have suffered from the ravages of this horrific offense.

 See more at: http://boz.religionnews.com/2014/03/08/michael-reagan-hero-amidst-pain-child-sexual-abuse/#sthash.wI3lllzu.dpuf


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2 thoughts on “Michael Reagan’s Childhood Sexual Abuse

  1. At one time, Michael Reagan got in trouble for saying filthy words on the phone with the man of Hebrew origin, Roger Sandler. He apologized and the charges have been annulled and it was dropped from the police record.

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