Merry Christmas

Celebrating the Birth of Our Creator and Savior



My boys. I pray they soon outgrow putting bunny ears on everyone and everything they pose with for pictures. They are posing with our homemade VeggieTales yard decorations.

In my defense I must add the disclaimer that I made these ornaments twelve years ago, before I knew Phil Vischer’s mom asked him to never turn baby Jesus into a vegetable. My purpose was not to be sacrilegious. I just didn’t want an empty manger so I placed a French pea there. (I’m sorry, Mrs. Vischer!)

Every year on Christmas morning our family traditionally reads the announcement of Christ’s birth from beginning to end in the Gospel of Luke.

This year in keeping with tradition we invited Max McLean, through Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Revive Our Hearts, into our home via the internet.

“So on this Christmas Day, this holy day, I thought it would be good to quiet our hearts and just focus on the words of Scripture. We’re going to listen to the simple Christmas story, and I hope you’ll be struck in a fresh way by the profound truth that God became man, Immanuel, God is with us.

Max McLean is an actor. He’s the president and artistic director of the Fellowship for the Performing Arts. And for the next few moments, we’ll hear Max bring the Scripture to life as God has uniquely gifted him to do.”

Listen to Max McLean reading from the book of Luke by clicking below.

The Real Christmas Story

Enjoy the fullness of the miracle we celebrate this Christmas day; Jesus—Baby, Savior and King of kings who will return for us. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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