Lynn Messer 4 years later: What her death certificate says; Kerry and Spring’s wedding invite

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Tomorrow, July 8, marks the 4 year anniversary of the reporting of Lynn Messer as a missing person.

Upon her disappearance, the family farm where Lynn lived with her husband was mapped with grids and searched by rescue and recovery teams, along with trained search and rescue dogs. Searching was done by air, foot, and all-terrain vehicles; by day and by night. 

Rescue dogs are trained in locating human remains by tracking, trailing, and air scenting. This should have been an easy job in the outdoor air of the extreme summer heat during July and August.

2 1/2 years ago, November 1, 2016, Lynn’s remains were found on the farm; recovered from the direction of the scent found that first morning in 2014. The problem was that Kerry, Lynn’s husband, had the cows moved from one pasture to another that first morning, July 8, 2014, possibly contaminating evidence of her scent.  The pasture where he had the cows moved was located between the house and the field where Lynn’s remains were discovered.  Rotating cows from pasture to pasture, according to Lynn’s sons, was always Lynn’s responsibility. Lynn’s son Abram told law enforcement that his father was adamant the cows had to be moved that morning; the morning Lynn had been missing since the middle of the night, and her husband said he had been out looking for her. In my first interview with Abram he admitted that in hind sight, moving the cows for his dad is the one thing he wishes he had not done.

Lynn was considered missing until November 1, 2016. We’ve been told by law enforcement, after a coroner’s autopsy, that Lynn had been deceased the entire time, since July 8, 2014.


I am a survivor of domestic abuse and I minister to and advocate for women in, or leaving, destructive marriages.  When I heard Lynn’s story I thought I recognized similarities to life experiences I’ve lived. I think, after talking to Lynn’s family and friends, that she possibly lived in a destructive marriage, and didn’t survive to tell her story. This is why I advocate for her…waiting for answers, keeping her story alive, and hoping for justice for Lynn. 


Lynn 2Lynn’s husband, Kerry Messer, has not been cleared in the investigation surrounding Lynn’s death.  Kerry is a Missouri state lobbyist who represents family, homeschooling, right-to-life, gun rights/safety, and Christian/Biblical values. 

Weeks after Lynn was reported missing law enforcement found out that Lynn’s husband Kerry was involved with another woman. Spring Thomas, according to law enforcement, admitted to being in a relationship with Kerry at least 8 weeks after Lynn went missing. Abram, one of Lynn’s sons has messages from Spring that dates the time to at least 6 weeks after Lynn went missing, but he thinks the romantic relationship predated his mom’s death.  He has based this upon the previous years of watching his father interact with Spring. In fact, before Abram knew anything about Kerry’s relationship with Spring, Abram says he expressed concern to his father about his  inappropriate behavior around Spring in the past as well as their behavior around each other when Spring showed up for organized searches to help look for Lynn, after Lynn’s disappearance, on the family farm.


Below is a copy of Lynn’s Messer’s death certificate which was issued June 20, 2018. In other words; recently. I want people to understand and believe that this case is not over.


death certificate internet

I find this hopeful. The state could have listed the cause of death as ‘unknown’. They didn’t.




The death certificate does not say ‘Could Not Be Determined’.

This case is not closed.

I think answers are out there.

I continue to pray for #JusticeForLynn.

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7/22/2018 UPDATE:  So…this is happening, a wedding, August 4, 2018.

The question remains: Did the church allowing this ceremony talk to Lynn’s sons, Lynn’s friends, or to the police? I know they didn’t talk to Abram.

*I found out today that the testimony against your spouse provision in the law doesn’t apply to knowledge you had before the wedding. So for those of us who wondered if marriage would keep them from testifying about each other, should an arrest happen; it doesn’t apply.

Abram Messer received a voicemail message from his dad on Wednesday. Kerry told Abram he was praying about when the Lord would allow him and Spring to get married, that they were planning a wedding, he would like his sons and their families to attend, and that he would wait for a reply from Abram.

Thursday, people (not Lynn’s sons) began receiving wedding invitations by mail. Friends and family were concerned and rightfully began contacting each other. I’ve received 2 copies from concerned readers.

The reason I’m posting this invitation is to validate Abram and Elizabeth. Church family, friends, some in the homeschooling community, and a few relatives have believed Kerry when he told them that he and Spring were nothing more than friends. I personally had people tell me law enforcement, Abram, and Elizabeth were all lying to me about this so-called relationship and that it was immensely hurtful to Kerry and Spring to have people believing such nonsense. I was also told newspapers lied about the relationship.

I long for the day when churches listen, believe, and act upon the woman’s story and not the husband’s denial. I’m saddened and frustrated that a church is celebrating and performing this wedding before Lynn’s cause of death is released.


Kerry Messer wedding invite

After the television airing of American Gothic: Finding Lynn Messer on Investigation Discovery, Lynn’s story became an international public interest. I believe it has aired at least 6-8 times, and in different countries around the globe. I can tell because every time it airs my blog stats shoot higher than usual for my articles about Lynn.

Thank you for your continued and interest and prayers.

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The format of this site has changed. You’ll find many of the past articles I’ve written about Lynn Messer under the link: Lynn Messer case history. Articles are listed by title and dated from recent to earliest. Comments are now easier to find and post at the end of each article.

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Kerry Messer is a public figure/state lobbyist who fund raises from private citizens in the state of Missouri; making this a public interest case. *See disclaimer in margin.

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30 thoughts on “Lynn Messer 4 years later: What her death certificate says; Kerry and Spring’s wedding invite

  1. This is what I come back to time and again, “Rescue dogs are trained in locating human remains by tracking, trailing, and air scenting. This should have been an easy job in the outdoor air of the extreme summer heat during July and August.”

    No chance that Lynn’s body was there during all the searching. I am a country girl myself, and when even a small animal died, buzzards could be seen a mile a way circling overhead. Where was Lynn’s body during this time? Who moved her body back to the farm?

    May justice be served up soon.

  2. Wow, I had not heard about this. Thank you for sharing. What a sad story!! It amazes me how some people can use God to cover up such horrid evils.

  3. I didn’t know Lynn Messer, and I live in Kansas. But although I didn’t know her, this case has really gotten to me. I think of her still, and frequent your blog every so often, to see how things have progressed. Lynn’s spirit, feels very strong to me. This woman was very special. I pray for her sons and their families. What an incredible ordeal they have been through.
    By the way, I’m originally from Missouri, and our family lived about 12 miles from the Messer home. We moved to KS in 1971, but I grew up there. That’s a small piece of the connection I feel to Lynn, but I am moreso connected, emotionally and spiritually. There’s just something about all of this, from the very beginning when she was missing 4 years ago, which took hold of my spirit and caused me to believe (without a doubt!), that the truth will be forthcoming. We can get frustrated and despair, but when we do, we’re forgetting that the Lord knows the hearts of everyone involved – both the light and the dark recesses – He knows all that is hidden, and He works tirelessly on convicting souls of the truth. He will reveal – in His time, but not necessarily ours.
    Thank you SO MUCH for this blog, and for continuing to update all developments about the case, and Lynn’s family. Your heart is spot-on, and it’s so very important that Lynn and who she truly was, is correctly represented. You’ve done a wonderful job of that, and I, (along with countless others I am sure), are grateful.

  4. I didnt realize that I forgot to add my name to my comment, until after I hit the “post comment” button. Sorry about that – feel free to add my name to the comment I just posted.

  5. I believe the coroner found something the FBI wants undisclosed as they often do with an ongoing investigation…hoping over time the guilty party will incriminate himself.

  6. I just learned of this case this morning on a TV show called ‘Disappeared’. There are so many red flags in this story, even to non-professional people with no law investigation experience, it isn’t funny. I hope Lynn will get justice soon.

    1. Did you read the article that states the muddy terrain, electric fences and heavy gates, she would have had to conquered to arrive at her destination…in the dark, with a broken toe, with hip replacements, carrying items with her through the rain.

    2. Kerry a Missouri state lobbyist who represents family, homeschooling, right-to-life LOL, gun rights/safety, and Christian/Biblical values LOL . Not to mention an authoritative nut job. My money is that he overdosed her. Midnight to 430 a.m lots of time to hide a body. He is a prime example of a hypocritical religious fanatic. Justifies anything he does by claiming to be a religious man. Thinks he knows what’s best for everyone and is a bully. Oh and don’t get me started on her getting a black eye from falling in the kitchen! Please. Feel asleep driving her car and wrecked it? Ha! He was tampering with her medication until he finally got the right mix to cause her to stop breathing. He used the truck to move her body. The husband did it no doubt in my mind.

      1. Shades of “Rev.” Matt Baker down here in TX; he overdosed his wife Kari and claimed she killed herself. He also had a mistress, and he also claimed it was totally cool with God. The Bible quote on that wedding invite is chilling.

      2. I think the same way you do…chilling. Reading Kerry’s ‘Find Lynn Messer’ Facebook page was, to me, an endless supply of chilling. The prosecuting attorney on the case thinks he will finish reviewing evidence in the case by the end of the year.

      3. Shane Clower, I’m Pro-Life, Gun rights, and fully support homeschooling, does that mean I’m going to kill my husband? You, my friend are the very type of people who cause havoc on our country with your “imaginary” stereotypes of Conservative Christians. You sound very much like a person who might be screened for NPD, but that’s completely your call…I won’t hold my breath.

        You weren’t there, you didn’t witness anything, therefore you don’t know what happened; my apologies for deflating your over inflated ego. In this country, we are innocent until proven guilty. I don’t know if the husband did this, the would-be wife, or someone else, at this point, Only God Knows, and last I checked, you are definitely not God.

      4. I don’t know Shane, but I’m not sure he was implying what you are saying. Maybe. Maybe not. Christian or not Christian, all types of groups can have duplicitous frauds in their midst.

  7. Murdering a spouse during the middle of the night surely has advantages to it as a lot of time can be lost before someone reports the person missing. Many murders go unsolved because of accidental circumstances or actions, not due to any brilliant planning. One needs to know or have developed a psychological profile of Kerry to determine his overall mindset. I wonder if his new wife was ever given a lie detector as Kerry may have made an incriminating comment accidently. In a rural area like where the Messers lived,especially where there are many acres of land it is easier to engage in a killing. But on the other hand it narrows the suspect number greatly. The suspicious moving of the cows upon learning that Lynn was missing as it shows a strange priority. There is simply not enough circumstantial evidence to make a strong enough case against the husband, Kerry. She certainly did not deserve to leave this earth in the way she did.

    1. If you are interested in an introductory psychological profile of Kerry; read through his Facebook page, Find Lynn Messer. The girlfriend, at the time-now wife, retained a lawyer as soon as she admitted to the relationship and to my understanding was never questioned any further. The FBI is involved with the case and I would think they’ve combed his FB page and taken plenty of notes. I also think the case will be solved. If there is an arrest, and I think there will be, will it be one arrest or two arrests?

  8. I am going to follow your blog with interest. I hope and pray that Lynn and her children get justice and I hope it will be soon.

  9. It’s really sad that a church would side with a man over a woman. But it happens everyday. It happened to me. My church literally turned their backs on me because my husband made claims about me that were simply not true. In the beginning I didn’t have all the facts, but after several months I now know what really happened. Only a handful of ppl from a congregation of 500 + members talk to me. God has me where he wants me and I am beyond blessed. But it’s time for the church as a whole to stop falling into the habit of gossip and siding with these abuaive adulterers and live out the word of God.

    My heart goes out to Lynn’s family and I pray that she will receive the justice she deserves.

  10. I believe she was killed. I believe the husband switched her medicines and watched her as she went for a walk and waited for her to od an collapse and he did it this way so if the body was found it would just look like she took the wrong pills by accident . I think he took her body somewhere else while the search was going on at the farm and he transported her body in the back of his truck, that’s why he washed his dog back there; so there wouldn’t be blood cuz he didn’t stab her or anything. he still wanted to make sure no scent was left so he washed the dog in the bed of the truck then after the search was completely done at the farm that’s when he put her where she ultimately was found. Cuz if her body was there to began with there’s no way it would have got overlooked; they were literally right there so I’m thinkin at the time of the search he had her somewhere else cuz he obvisouly knew they were gonna search the farm. Idk… I don’t like to accuse the husband cuz there’s no evidence but everything was just odd about things he did. Like telling his son to move the cows. Sorry but if ur wife is missing that is what should be on your mind not moving the cows. Plus the note and washing the dog in the bed of the truck an then finding out he been having an affair.

  11. Anyone that lives on a farm or has hunting dogs would understand exactly what happened and why Kerry did what he did. I think Lynn did die where her body was found. That was the entire reason for Kerry having his son move the cattle to the adjacent field to disturb the scent trail of his wife. I don’t think the body was left there however. I think Kerry panicked and moved the body with his truck. He then “washed the dog” in the bed of his truck based on the same principle of masking his wife’s scent. I grew up on a farm not far from Bloomsdale. We always had dogs. I cannot ever remember washing a dog in a truck bed nor can I fathom why someone would do that.

    I’ve read that the handwritten note supposedly left behind by his wife was not written in cursive and that his wife always wrote in cursive. Additionally, the note referred to Kerry as “Pa” when family members recount that his wife always called him “Pop” at his displeasure. This sure seems to indicate that the note might have been written by Kerry himself.

    Investigators found bleach in large quantities in the bathroom of the house. I can understand someone having bleach on a farm although I honestly cannot ever remember using large quantities of it or why someone would need several containers of it at a given time. Having said that, the coroner didn’t appear to find any trauma to Lynn’s body so if there was no trace of trauma then I would assume there was no blood and the bleach wasn’t needed to clean up evidence of blood.

    Lynn was on anti-depressants for a decade prior to her disappearance. Is it possible that she committed suicide and Kerry tried to hide it? If so, why would Kerry fake the note, or if it were written by his wife, why allow it to be discovered? Did Kerry kill his wife so that he could be with his girlfriend? That would be my take on it.

  12. While I can sympathize with the author of this particular article, and of course I sympathize with the family of this lovely woman, I don’t see the purpose of the author mentioning that the suspect was Christian, Pro-life etc, and of course, the big bad gun rights, just had to mentioned. These characteristics have nothing to do with whether or not somebody is capable of committing murder. I can’t tell you how tiring it is, for people to feel the need to mention a suspect is Christian, or pro-life, pro gun, or someone who tends to take the conservative point of view when it comes to many issues and difficult debates we face today; especially when good Christian Conservatives are under constant scrutiny, for simply following Gods laws; laws which should never be altered or re-written, but that’s a whole other useless debate.

    My point is, If this man killed his wife, it is a result of mental illness, which, as a Christian myself, will translate it into the work of the devil. The devil can infiltrate into the hearts of all races, religions, cultures, and doesn’t care which side of the political spectrum people stand on. I mean just take a look at September 11, 2001. Or, have we conveniently forgot about that.

    I’m not asking for a debate on the above paragraph, just stating the obvious, therefore if you attempt to debate on my thoughts, don’t hold your breath for an argument.

    With all of that out of the way, I am still unclear about more important “facts” about this mystery. I just watched this tragic story on the show “Disappeared” During the show it was mentioned that Lynn, at some point, was discovered crying in her dining room because she was lost. Please correct me if I’m making an error, but that particular incident concerns me. I can’t imagine any pharmaceuticals she was taking should cause her to be lost and crying in her own home. It’s sounds like she might have been enduring some horrific experiences, prior to her disappearance. (If anyone can elaborate on that, I’d love to hear your thoughts)

    Has any of her family members taken the opportunity to consult with either her psychiatrist, and or team of physicians as to whether or not the medications she was taking were compatible with each other? I am in no way blaming her medical professionals, but she did make a statement to her daughter-in-law suggesting that if something ever happened to her, she wanted her husband to marry a woman by the name of Spring.

    1. L. Amelia, I am also a Christian, conservative, pro-life, gun-rights, family values, homeschooling mom. I did not mention these things about Kerry to poke fun at anyone or give them a bad name. It’s just the facts. Many people in or circle of influence believe it impossible for such a man to have brought harm to his wife. Unfortunately, crime knows no barriers as to the types of people who commit them. ~Peace

  13. There was a thunderstorm that early morning that Kerry claims woke him up & then he says Lynn was gone. Lynn left her eye glasses behind & had a broken toe. Who goes for a walk in the middle of the night during a Thunderstorm, without there eye glasses & a broken toe, on pain medications & other meds. I do not buy this story. Abram said his father was unaccounted for, several hours that morning & his behavior was alarming. I was reading another recent article & Abram mentions that Kerry confessed to their pastor that he wrote the fake suicide note, Abram believes Kerry did this. As for Lynn being found by her 2 grand daughters, that is heart breaking. My question is, where was Lynn’s body during this search? They did a Grid search of that farm 3 times with 100’s of volunteers. I believe after the searches Lynn was placed at the far end of the farm, they said it was not far from Lynn’s home, it was 256 acre farm from my understanding. I do not believe Lynn left to her own accord.

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