“I Knew I Was Dead”

“I Knew I Was Dead” – Kolton Wong

I will remember the St. Louis Cardinals’ rookie, Kolton Wong, for how he handled his mistake more than I will remember him for his mistake.

Have you heard of his game 4, World Series mistake in the bottom of the 9th inning? Were you aware it was on the last out of the inning?  Yah, in the baseball world it doesn’t get much worse for a rookie and I hope we don’t find out there could actually be something worse.

In Wong’s moment of despair he chose to thrive through by taking the heat, admitting his blunder and answering questions. He did not play the blame game or make unending excuses. To top it off he also made an apology to Cardinal Nation.

Integrity. I hope everyone noticed.

Now I am praying for the Cardinals’ losses to be redeemed in games 6 and 7. Go Cards! We KNOW you can do this!

To read the article, view the game ending pick off and read the Twitter apology; click this link:

http://www.foxsportsmidwest.com/mlb/st-louis-cardinals/story/McNeal-on-Wong-Rookie-mistake-veteran-re?blockID=955375#.Um6cXymr2cg.facebookCardinals’ Kolton Wong on 9th Inning, Last Out — Mistake

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