I hate adoption.

Grab the Kleenex!
If you are adopted, if you are the sibling of an adopted child, or if you are just on onlooker of an adoptive family here is a glance into the heart and conflicts of life after signing on the dotted line.
Sometimes you have no idea what is going on inside someone else’s home!

I’m grateful for adoptive families and the love they pour into children’s lives which gives hope, healing and a forever family. On the flip side; I have known families that have been traumatized by their traumatized adoptive child. Years of sacrificial love, time, counseling, prayers and relationship lavishes on the precious child with little given in return. Yet parents and siblings keep an eternal perspective and know they are making a positive impact and providing a better quality life for the child. Most importantly they are providing an avenue for the child to become a believer in, and a follower of, Jesus Christ.


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3 thoughts on “I hate adoption.

  1. Hey,
    My name is Lela and I was adopted 5 years ago! My family has taught me so much. I am now in 9th grade and in honors class and have very great grade. I was 3 years o;d when I was taken from my mother and I was from shawnee, oklahoma. But when Me, my 21year old brother, and newborn sister were taken we were in Jeff Davis county aka Hazlehurst,Ga I have grown up here and love but when I was little I was abused and would go to bed starving I would always try to protect them and i would always be there for my siblings so growng up was not easy my birth mom was a prostitute and a srug attic my fater was in prison and all of my birth family has never graduated and has dropped out of school in thier 9th or 10th grade year I am the only one besides my younger aiblings that has made it through school with flying colors and is gonna graduate and become a teacher or doctor also I am going to join the airforce and my Boyfriend wich today makes 3 months he is also my first boyfreind and he is so sweet and very christian boy me and him are both saved and are going to college he is going to become a game warden and join the army so i am very thankful for him but most importantly I am thankful for my family and God for giving me the family I have because without them i have no clue what I would do so be thankful if you have never expierenced this and thank od everyday that you would not have to worry if you would get food or beat that day or not Thank you and have a very blessed

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