Happy Hour Fri-nally: War on Women?

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Seeing the question asked, Is Christianity bad for women? Depends on what you mean by Christianity. Christians can be bad for women but, make no mistake, Christ is the best thing that EVER happened to women. I’m sticking with Him.” ~Beth Moore. 

Yes! If you feel undervalued; run to Jesus, He will empower you, set you on your feet, give strength to your voice, and declare your worth! He came to set us free to pursue God’s design for us.  If Jesus didn’t intend for women to have a ministry or a voice, He wouldn’t have so counter-culturally given the women in His life inclusion, purpose and the right to testify and speak. This wasn’t just counter-culture in the ancient world, but also in the ancient Jewish world, and the ancient pagan world! The finished work of Christ on the cross was a radical paradigm shift, and way of life, for women after enduring years of cultural oppression. Remember, it was a woman, Mary Magdalene, who Jesus commissioned (gave permission and authority) to tell the news of His resurrection.

“There is a very real WAR on WOMEN happening all across the earth. From gendercide to misogyny to pornography to sex trafficking, women have been targeted by the enemy. The enemy fears what would happen if we step into our God-given destinies.” ~Lisa Bevere

The enemy doesn’t just hate us; he fears us. Why? He knows Jesus esteems us but Satan, the father of lies,  doesn’t want us to realize it. Don’t live your life believing lies or trying to stay safe. Live it being fierce and brave in Jesus’ name!

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Disclaimer:  I in no way mean this as male bashing. There are some wonderful men on this earth and we need them. We need more of them. Our society needs true masculinity. Statistics tell us that kids who grow up without dads have higher rates of emotional problems; including depression and aggression, and have higher rates of criminal offenses. This doesn’t mean kids need a man in their life no matter what though. This is what family courts across our nation push for, but leading authorities in the field of domestic abuse, Don Hennessy and Lundy Bancroft disagree. They agree with the view that a man who abuses the mother of a child cannot be regarded as a good parent and that it would be much more honest to recognize that all children have a right to a non-abusive home. 





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  1. I would really, really like to have a conversation with you. I am a survivor of nearly 30 years married to an abusive man. I am currently working on developing a multi-level, faith-based program designed to educate, raise awareness, confront issues, and expose how various teachings in the church actually support and encourage domestic violence. Where are you? Can we just go out for lunch sometime or something?

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