God Still Uses Rainbows

After 7 7 7: Heaven’s Answer?!

Double rainbow

From the photographer: “This was taken July 8. My friend and I … drove around Independence Avenue and crossed in front of the Capitol, we saw this magnificent, double rainbow. I firmly believe the Lord sent this “DOUBLE” rainbow as a direct answer to all of our prayers with the 777 initiative, reminding us He is a covenant-keeping Lord and He has heard our prayers.  This double rainbow is a reminder of the double portion of His grace I believe He desires to shed on this great nation.”


This is so cool and so like our God!

I may have thought this a bit on the “crazy” assumption side if I had not received such an answer to a prayer almost two years ago.  My rainbow came on an early September morning when there was no rain on the ground, or in sight for that matter.

At the time I had been praying twelve years for justice, and for innocent children’s protection from someone I considered a pedophile offender.  The Lord had spoken to my heart, soul, mind and strength a year and a half previous that He was permanently taking the person out of ministry, which I believed could only mean prison for multiple reasons, yet I felt the pressing duty to pray it into being.

My friend Kim traveled with me to the preliminary trial where my intention was to let the defendant know I knew of their incarceration and was awaiting overdue justice. I woke up and spent time reading the Bible, praying and praying scripture out loud over the trial scheduled for that morning.  In our hotel room, after my time with the Lord, we opened the curtains to see a beautiful rainbow and we both believed it was a sign from the Lord reminding me He had already told me the outcome and I need not fear.  He is always true to His word.

It only took about three hours for me, who is made from dust, to forget His words and come close to panicking .

As I was praying, (Psalm 16:8-9 (GN), Isaiah 54:17, Isaiah 43:10, Psalm 62:11-12, Isaiah 40:28-29, I Cor. 2:9, Matthew 18:6, Psalm 126: 5-6, Nahum 1:7 (NIV), God gave a verse to my heart, soul, mind and strength, “(I) God act on behalf of those who wait for (me)’. And you waited for me’”. (This verse is from Isaiah 64:4b.)

The word, “Rainbow” was deposited in my mental bank.

I immediately felt at peace and was filled with joy. Only my God could do this!

“Thank you, Father! Who am I that you even consider loving and caring for me in such a personal way”, I internally asked?

I then knew the defendant’s attorney could argue away for his client’s release with an agreement to wear an ankle monitor, and the lawyer could request the court to lower the surety bond. It need not concern me for I already knew the outcome. I could barely contain the joyful smile wanting to erupt from my face. (To top it off—the judge denied both requests!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is why I share the 777 Rainbow picture. God sees. God hears. God answers!

Jul 15, 2014

“This picture was taken on Day 8 of 7 7 7 by a woman who prayer-walked the White House, Capitol, and the Supreme Court, using our prayers as a guide.  Since the rainbow was given as a sign of God’s covenant to Noah underscoring that never again would the world be destroyed by a flood, could it be that God has sent it as a sign that He has heard our prayers, will forgive our sin, and heal our land?

For the glory of His great name!” ~Anne Graham Lotz

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