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I’m giddy with excitement to share this find with you.

For those of you who know me or have read some of my past blog posts you know I enjoy keeping my favorite scripture verses with me at all times. I never know when I might need encouragement, or might need to pray for a situation or person. I’ve prayed through the verses multiple times over life and death emergencies.

There is nothing more powerful than praying God’s word back to him; plus scripture is the Holy Spirit’s language…so I like to speak it.

“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

God’s phone number: “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12

Over the last seventeen years I have filled multiple spiral index card notebooks with verses that were applicable to me during different seasons of life.

But now…

Now there is a handy, dandy app for this. And not only for this, but for many other functions. Let me tell you about this app and its superb functions. (I’m on the edge of my seat, smiling ear to ear, feeling like a little girl who was given a new favorite gift—and I’m bringing my gift for Show and Tell to demonstrate the awe and wonder of it!)

Its name: Scripture Typerscripturetyper

Cost: 50 verses for FREE, $9.99 for full version. (I used the 50 verses in 30 minutes and paid for the full version App. Priceless earthly and eternal investment!

Usable devices: Android, Kindle, Computers/laptops, iPad, iPhone

Memorize & Review Verses Anytime, Anywhere

Import Any Verse in the Bible from 10 Translations
Choose Verses from over 55 Categories
Review System Keeps You Current
Bible Memory iPhone App   Record Verses & Play Them Back
Bible Memory iPhone App   Draw Illustrations
Bible Memory iPhone App   Review with Flash Cards

So far I have these categories

  1. 2016 (Favorite verses from Bible studies and my quiet times.)
  2. Siesta 2015 (The verses I memorized with Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team in 2015.)
  3. It is written… (To remind me to powerfully pray God’s Word which He inspired and left for us to use as our spiritual weapon.)
  4. 2016 (Favorite verses I’ve studied in Bible study and my quiet times.)
  5. Riley (Scriptures to pray over my daughter.)
  6. AJ and Colson (Scriptures to pray over my sons.)
  7. Farm Boy  (Scriptures to pray over my husband.)

I use four of my collections for praying and memorization, and the other three for praying for my family members. New verses can be added, edited or deleted at any time.

I use ScriptureTyper when I’m driving around town in my mini-van. I simply tap the first verse in a collection, then tap ‘Play.’ You can play the entire collection or play one verse over until you have heard enough of it, or memorized it. Do this under the, ‘Play Entire Collection’ tab. There is a tab that allows you to play each entry one time or multiple times, ‘Play Each Entry’ tab. You can shuffle the entries or listen to them in the order of the books of the Bible.

One of the most difficult aspects of memorizing scripture for me is remembering the address/reference of the book, chapter and verse. So…when I have recorded the verse I also say the address. When this is finished, ScriptureTyper, gives you the option to record the reference. I record it again—then I hear the address/reference at the beginning and the end of the verse. This makes me HAPPY!

You can also scroll to the bottom of, ‘My Verses’ and click, ‘Browse Verse Library’ to find a collection you are interested in memorizing or praying. Check mark the category and click the arrow on the right. This will now show up in, ‘My Verses.’ You can click on this new category and tap, ‘Edit’ to give this category a new name. This will save you time scripturetyper versesimporting verses.

Did I mention I adore this app?

I do!

You will too!

But that’s not all…

Review your verses to keep them memorized!

As you successfully review your verses, the review interval will be slowly increased.

You can also manually adjust the review frequency of any verse. This is helpful when you add new verses that you already know well. Just click on the frequency in the list above to change it.

Browse ScriptureTyper’s verse library and you will find a tab to help you memorize the books of the Bible; along with, tabs for verses to help you remember verses on Salvation and Sharing the Gospel. They’ve thought of everything!

One more…You can tap the three little bars to the left of a verse to go to the, ‘Verse Actions’ screen. From here you can share your verse with anyone and everyone through at least 16 different communication and social apps. This is the gift that keeps on giving!


I’m giving away the ScriptureTyper app to one lucky/blessed/as excited about this as I am, reader. Simply tell my your favorite garden flower in the, ‘Leave a Comment’ link at the top of this blog post and you will be automatically entered to win this app. The winner will be chosen and announced next Tuesday night; May 31, 2016.










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    1. Congrats, you are the winner of ScriptureTyper! My hope is that it becomes a great tool for you to memorize scripture, and to become a more effective prayer warrior.I will private message you with details. Blessings…and thanks for stopping by GiveMe Chocolate!

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