Evidence: Lynn Messer’s Note


Yes, we are now discussing the note that has been entered into evidence and examined by the F.B.I.

It wasn’t the first time that Lynn had left notes. Abram remembers other notes his mom left for them where she would sometimes be relatively passive aggressive while voicing her opinion.

We will review Abram’s accounting of what led to the note, but first, I want my readers to know I would rather not include a private disagreement for which Lynn isn’t here to defend herself. However, since an attempt has been made to use the note as hypothetical evidence to show that supposedly, after suffering abuse by Abram’s hands, Lynn apparently did something to herself to escape Abram—I decided to use Abram’s account of what led to the part of the written note that pertained to him.

It began one day when Abram’s mom baked a delicious batch of homemade cookies then called Elizabeth, Abram’s wife, and asked if she could bring cookies to the grand kids. It appeared that the cookies were a front, a way of visiting the house while Abram wasn’t home, for voicing a complaint to Elizabeth.

Because Elizabeth had already been dealing with enough anxiety, and since she had hashimotos, an auto-immune disease which can be aggravated by stress, Abram knew that it was his job to protect Elizabeth and not allow unhealthy boundaries to grow.  He talked to his mom to clarify what transpired and it grew into an argument. He wanted his mom to stop ambushing his wife; which his mom denied doing.

He yelled at her that she did do it and that she wasn’t to talk to or treat Elizabeth like that anymore. Abram told his mom if she had a concern or a problem they could deal with it, but she had to stop her ambushing. His mom retorted, “I don’t do that. I’ve never don’t that!”

To which Abram inquired, “So you’ve never done that?”

His mom protested, “No. I have never done that!”

Then Abram reminded her that she had done it to him many times throughout the years, he could remember major ambushing dating back to when he was sixteen years old. She said she had no idea what he was referring to so he dredged up the past and narrated it to her.

At age 16 when Abram and Elizabeth were dating the two of them were sent to Wal-Mart on an errand by her parents to buy cheese and salad for dinner preparations. Elizabeth retrieved the food items and having an ornery, comical side to her, sent Abram after an item she needed; tampons. Abram found them and as he saw Elizabeth walking across the store toward him he yelled, “Are these the right ones?”

Abram later asked Elizabeth what the tampons were. She told him they were for her period, but Abram was clueless as to what exactly a, ‘period’ was because his parents had not taught him about, ahem….reproductive organs or procreation.

A few days later, Elizabeth attended a home economics co-op that Lynn was teaching in the Messer’s home. Elizabeth pulled Lynn aside privately and told her what happened. Saying “Abram doesn’t know what a period is. I think you should probably have a conversation with him, or maybe you could just give him some reading materials—because I don’t think you want me to have that conversation with him.”

Address it she did; that day, during the home economics class while there was a group of 10-15 teen girls standing around.

How did she do this you may be asking? First we will set the background for it.

Abram remembers privacy not being promoted in their home, in the bathroom or the bedroom; in fact, there were slats in the bathroom door which didn’t allow for total seclusion. His mom waited until Abram went into the bathroom during the home economics class to have, ‘the talk’ with Abram. She pronounced loudly through the door in very specific detail over the giggles and laughs of the girls in the class.

So when Abram’s mom said she never ambushed, didn’t remember that, and had no idea what he was talking about; the above example was his rebuttal. After they went back and forth for quite a while, Abram realized that he had lost his temper with his mother (they were in the truck driving over to a neighbor’s house to bale hay), and the two of them sat quietly for several minutes. In the emotional moments that followed Abram apologized. He went on to tell her that he loved her, and made her the commitment to work through any future stresses between them in a healthy Biblical manner.

Abram thought things where fine between them because a day or so later on the Fourth of July, Abram and his family went to a family friend’s house with his parents and celebrated the holiday together eating and talking all evening long. An interesting side note, the “Find Lynn Messer” Facebook post of July 3rd, 2016 mentions Kerry and Lynn spending the Fourth at a friend’s house, but omits the fact that Abram and his family were there. It has been brought to question if this was an attempt to shift blame by altering the facts. If Lynn was upset enough with her son to harm herself; it is extremely unlikely that she would have spent an entire evening sitting around the table talking, laughing and visiting together for hours.

On the morning of the July 8th, Abram revealed all of the details surrounding this conflict with his mother to law enforcement. Abram has been open not only with the detectives, but with many family members and friends.


Abram Messer said his father never disclosed to the public that the morning his wife disappeared he had found a vague note of affection, apology and regret seemingly written by Lynn. Kerry Messer had maintained that his wife had vanished without a clue.“¹

The note page has been analyzed by the F.B.I. All we really know is that the note was written with different inks, potentially at different times.

Between 7:30-8:00 a.m. his dad mentioned the note in passing—while also telling Abram NOT to come down to his house. Instead of wanting Abram to help locate Lynn, he wanted him to move the cows, and stay home. His dad told Aarron about the worrisome note before he mentioned it too Abram, and Aarron decided to call the sheriff’s office himself and report that his mom appeared to be missing. Abram believes the call his brother made greatly displeased his dad because Kerry was irate that law enforcement had been called, telling both his sons to leave because the cops had been notified.

Different articles and Facebook posts over the last two years led readers to believe Lynn’s husband was the one who called the sheriff’s office. Several media outlets have stated that Kerry called 911. But this is simply another falsehood. Kerry had over four hours in which he could have called law enforcement—but did not. A four hour window of time for Lynn to have been missing is possible, but if one retraces the timeline there are possibly eight hours of missing time during which something could have happened to Lynn.


In July of 2016, “authorities confirmed the existence of a note possibly left by Lynn Messer before her disappearance — a note police retrieved the morning of her disappearance. They say they do not consider it a suicide note.

Kerry Messer said last week he sidestepped many questions from the media about whether his wife left a note because authorities asked him to keep it quiet. 

Kerry Messer said he did so because a middle section of the note referenced a recent family squabble between Lynn and Abram. That section was written in different ink, said Abram Messer, who was first given a copy of the note by police last year.

“I tried to protect (Abram) from that note because I feared if something bad had happened, that seeing that note would cause him to take on all the blame and all of the guilt,” Kerry Messer said.

Abram Messer isn’t buying his father’s explanation. He said his father’s handling of the note was intentionally meant to cast his son as a suspect in his mother’s disappearance.

Kerry Messer said authorities had previously questioned him for nine hours about the note, alleging he had written it and not his wife — an allegation he denies. Police say the FBI has not been able to conclude whether Lynn Messer wrote the letter.”²

From what Abram has learned through the investigation; it appears words were deliberately phrased to cast the light of possible guilt on him and his brother.  Abram is concerned that his father’s handling of the note possibly changed the way law enforcement interacted with Abram. By contrast, Abram was told by his father that the detectives told him he was not allowed to talk about the note to anyone. There are also other complicated issues surrounding the note. There are questions about Kerry moving and hiding the note the morning of July 8, 2014, and making multiple copies of the note before law enforcement responded that morning. Detectives didn’t find out about the reproductions until much later when Kerry was showing his friends the photocopies.
When Abram was finally able to read and examine the note these were his thoughts:
  • He believes the main body of the note was written directly to him, the evening of their boundaries and ambushing spat, or soon after. It references, “the talk” Lynn had with him through the bathroom door, and it was left out with his old biology book.
  • It appears, in his opinion, to have been written at different times, clearly with different pens, and extra lines written at the top and bottom of the paper.
  • He doesn’t believe it was a suicide note.
  • He does believe that she may have had information that she knew would be difficult for her family and she may have been preparing to present information to them—along with an apology for what she felt she had to do.
Abram was not allowed to see the note for nine months, and during that time there were a few notions deliberately planted in his mind.
  •  “Because of the note we know that either your mother is dead, or she will spend the rest of her life in a mental institution.”
  • On the morning of the disappearance a letter from Lynn was recovered. It was “non-descript” but could have been interpreted as a suicide note.
  • The investigators wanted the letter to be kept a secret. The person who told Abram this claimed it was because investigators were trying to frame that person for murder.

Kerry has claimed in other media outlets that he doesn’t understand the note at all, that none of it makes any sense to him. For Abram, this leaves questions as to why Kerry told him on multiple occasions that:

  • He already knew all about the argument Abram had with his mom.
  • He knew all of the details involved, he also knew that Abram had been talking about the spat he had with his mother and speaking openly about it.
Abram is concerned that the mystery of the note, and the changing of the words surrounding it, are being used to shift the public eye of suspicion away from his dad while he claims that he is trying to protect family members by withholding information about the note’s content—but the family member he is claiming to be protecting is the son he fired from Missouri Family Network and forced out of his home; the home in which Abram, his wife and his children lived.
Questions abound.
Lynn is still missing.
God saw what happened.
He knows.
So we ask,

“Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
 on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:9-10

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18:18

Heavenly Father,

We acknowledge that we are dust; Your dust. We praise you our Creator for being passionate about Your relationship with us. Thank you, Jesus, that You, “always live to intercede for us.” We are sinful. We mess up, forget, live in fear, and live in defeat instead of putting on the armour of God and living in Your power; growing the fruit of the Spirit and making faith a daily action.

Today, we thank you for Your word which, “is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword…” You are powerful and You have ordained that Your word is powerful; we believe, and therefore we speak—not think—but say outloud…Your word.

We agree together to continue praying for Lynn’s location to be revealed. You have a great storage room in heaven filled with gifts, blessings and answered prayers. If one of those answered prayers is for Lynn’s location to be revealed, then we pray for Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Reveal it!  We bind evil, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, from having any more reign over this situation; over the hiddenness of Lynn Messer. However it happened, whoever is responsible we ask, “Why do you hold back Your hand, Your right hand? Take it from the folds of Your garment and destroy them (destroy their plan to deceive; declare victory over the deception!)

Lord, we have heard of your fame;

We stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord.

Renew them in our day,

In our time make them know.” Habakkuk 3:2

In the name of Jesus we petition this, Amen


*All scripture references are from the New Internation Version

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11 thoughts on “Evidence: Lynn Messer’s Note

  1. The degree to which Kerry has refused to use the press to help find his wife (although he’s said a bit more in the last few months) and the degree to which he has controlled law enforcement’s interaction with his sons is a major indication of his guilt. What was he doing at the house that morning as he insisted that Abram stay away? In any normaI circumstance, family members would be banding together at a time like this – not moving cows! The fact that Kerry was even thinking of moving cows is odd! Why was he so upset that law enforcement had been called? It seems like that would be a relief if you really thought your wife was missing. This presentation of the information also makes me call into question the St. Genevieve Sheriff’s department. They cannot handle very many murder cases, and it sounds like they have been heavily manipulated themselves by Kerry! I don’t know why the Major Case Squad out of St. Louis wasn’t called in. They need some serious investigative help. I hope Lynn’s sons and other family members can put some pressure on St. Genevieve Sheriff’s office to accept help from the Highway Patrol, Major Case Squad, FBI, etc. Family members should actively reach out to news outlets to keep the attention on the case and keep the pressure on Kerry. Call a press conference. (I re-listened to Kerry’s press conference from the week of Lynn’s disappearance. He sounded so disconnected and impersonal. It hit me as more bizarre now than it did initially.)

    1. Lynn has only been missing since 2014 not 2012. Please correct this.
      Thank you for bringing or writing from facts and not Kerry’s fiction he lives in. He is at the very least an adulter who is hiding behind the law he well knows.
      Anyone turning an eye to sin, any kind of sin is wrong, biblically wrong! This includes the bapitist church who because they don’t want to be embarrassed continue to stay silent, give him money and feel sorry for him. Wake up people! This is wrong in so many ways.
      Kerry has not only hidden the truth from his supporters but he has ripped his family apart so deeply, a family Lynn dearly loved and cherished!
      Come clean Kerry Messer, the truth shall set you free!

  2. You wrote:

    “•He does believe that she may have had information that she knew would be difficult for her family and she may have been preparing to present information to them—along with an apology for what she felt she had to do.”

    Information about….? Illegal dealings of her husband? Abuse she suffered at his hands? But don’t you think, after that many years of being muffled and controlled, she was too brainwashed to come forward with anything against him; Lord knows, she was “taught” by him she was to be submissive in every way, to his every whim?

    I wonder if he dictated a portion of that note for her to write before he did away with her. Maybe she knew it was coming; that she would die at his hand and she accepted that, yielded to his wishes. And that’s why she made the comments about “him” being with Spring Thomas. Actually, perhaps she was told to say that? To plant the seed in others minds, to look like it was Lynn’s wish so he could “oblige” her by being with the other woman.

    This makes my chest tight, and my heart ache for her.

    God bless Lynn Messer, and wrap your loving arms around her sons and grandbabies. Thy will be done, but surely that can’t be not revealing the truth about what happened to this beautiful woman.

    1. I wonder if Lynn knew an affair was already taking place? If so, maybe this finally helped her come to terms with the fact that she had biblical grounds for divorce; grounds that even the church would agree with. If it were me; I would have been mad as a hornet after all the years of ‘obeying, submitting and agreeing with his every word and wim. (If that is indeed what was going on in their marriage.) Then he goes and finds a new object of desire. Or…here is a thought…could it be that she knew about the affair and went to the bank, or dug for financial records so she could go to an attorney with facts in her hands; and found out that they had money? It looks like his love of money has already been established. Could a man who spent years hiding THEIR money from his wife decide there is no way on earth she is getting any of it? Even if she didn’t know about the money; if she was going to leave the marriage ALL the financial records would be presented in a court of law. There would be no hiding the assets.

  3.  “Because of the note we know that either your mother is dead, or she will spend the rest of her life in a mental institution.”

    Could it be that she ran off after a late night dispute and he just doesn’t want to admit that HE caused her to leave. In that case he truly doesn’t know what happened to her. But seems like he doesn’t really care that much anyway. He is more worried about people’s perception of him.

    1. Good point about his remark about the note. “She will spend the rest of her life in a mental institution.” Setting the stage that if she does come forward with whatever information she held (against him?) that he could just say she’s crazy. Also the authorities are saying the note does not give the air of a suicide “finality” note as he said.

  4. I think the information that she had was regarding the relationship with Spring. Maybe she was going to reveal this to the family. If she was planning to commit suicide or feared for her life, telling her daughter-in-law that she wanted Kerry to be with Spring was a last great act of love so that her children wouldn’t have to suffer the betrayal that she had (assuming the relationship had already developed as seems to have been the case).

    Breithe – if she had just run off, she would have resurfaced by now. She had no money, no ID, no car and had never worked outside the home. She wouldn’t have gotten far.

    1. If she were just walking on the road someone could have picked her up. She could have met with foul play by anyone.

  5. Have the family members been asked NOT to release the specific contents of the note? The different inks seems suspicious to me. If someone were going to walk off in the middle of the night, they wouldn’t take the time to gather a variety of pens to write a note to their loved ones. Kerry mentioned a “new well” on his page last weekend. Has the old well been searched?

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