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In December of 2013 I wrote about my in-home hospitality bar. It was a solution born out of a need for saving prep time when entertaining in my home.  {Original article here} I decided to pin it on Pinterest since there weren’t any such pins for coffee, tea, cocoa, or hospitality bars/stations. Not one! Five years later there are hundreds of these pins for adding creativity and beauty to you home.

Our family has since moved and our new house didn’t have a built in nook for a hospitality station, so I built one. It coordinates with the other rustic and primitive tables and shelves we have in our home. Above is the finished product. We had a new home built so left over lumber was  abundant.

  1. I bought the unfinished base at Lowes, distressed it, added bead board on the sides and toe kick, gave it two feet, and painted it with a flat black primer/paint. The countertop on the bar is made from a leftover piece of cedar deck lumber that was too warped to use for its original purpose. It was exactly what I wanted for the countertop so I claimed it before my husband could use it for something else. I decided not to polyurethane it after discovering it’s a fantastic place for hot dishes and baked good straight out of the oven. Top 28″ X 41″
  2. The cubbies were created mainly from left over wood in our garage with the exception of some specialty trim pieces. Measures 6″ X 22″ X 30″. 
  3. Open box for decorations 6″ X 9″ X 18″.
  4. Side view 6″ depth. Popcorn cubby 6 3/4″ X 7″. 6 identical cubbies are 4 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ and hold 2 types of oatmeal, apple cider packets, cocoa packets, and Folgers singles packets. Popcorn bag cubby 4″ X 11″.
  5. Cubbies for decorations and framed art work.
  6. Serving accessories.
  7. Flavored syrups for Italian iced drinks; an idea I gleaned from my friend Gina. We use sparkling water or soda/pop, with a few shots of syrup, topped with whip cream, enjoyed with a drinking straw. Chrome/silver urn is a Berkey water filter and is the best filter on the market. It removes 200+ contaminants while leaving the minerals in the water. No other filter does this; including reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis removes the minerals causing health problems. Berkey is like having FIGI brand water available 24/7 from your own kitchen.
  8. Distressed bead board. I rubbed candle wax in some of the groves and on some of the tree knots (bead board, doors, drawers, and cubby shelving). After the flat black primer paint dried, I sanded with 320 grit sandpaper to remove paint from the candle waxed areas.
  9. Kraft Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits for topping off your favorite hot cocoa. Knowing I would want these, my friend Marcia texted me a picture when she spotted them in a grocery store a few months ago. I purchased these from Walmart but they are available at other grocery stores and from Amazon.
  10. William Sonoma no longer sells this 3 tier tray. If you type ‘3 tier wood serving tray‘ into Amazon you will find several other options.
  11. Christmas décor. I change decorations seasonally and for holidays. I keep small dishes on the 2nd tier for creamer, sugar, and sweetener packets.
  12. Extra supplies: Tea, coffee, Chai Tea Latte, Cocoa, Cappuccino, lemonade, mugs, hot and cold carafes, drink pitchers, and toppings/sprinkles for hot drinks.
  13. Pull out drawer with a variety of tea bags, loose tea, and loose tea utensils. I use a bamboo utensil holder turned sideways to organize tea bags.
  14. Pull out drawer for popcorn seasonings. Our home is often a hangout for groups of teen boys so having accessible snacks on hand is a must.

I hope you have fun inventing your own hospitality bar for the holiday season. If you don’t have space for a permanent bar, you can set up a temporary Christmas cocoa bar by using a hutch or buffet, desk, counter-top, bookshelf, small dresser, small table or other sturdy object.


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2 thoughts on “Et Cetera…New hospitality bar

  1. Love it. My home is open weekly for anyone (women and children) to come and spend time. I have a rolling island where I always put the teapot, French press coffee, etc. I don’t have space to keep I out every day, but this is lovely!

    1. Thank you. It was born out of desperation for redeeming much needed time after my oldest son survived a severe traumatic brain injury. I was drowning in various types of therapy appointments while keeping up with homeschooling, our home, a mother/daughter Bible study I led in our home, and ministering to women in abusive marriages. The hospitality bar helps me to relax and enjoy my company, and allows them to feel at home. 🙂

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