Celebrating an Answered Prayer—Again


And He did!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ll never tire of it.

Praising God, that is.

He has answered so many prayers in huge, glory making ways! (Original Post is here.)

Today is a reminder of one of the answers because today is A.J.’s eleventh birthday.


Those eyes. Those cheeks—that I never tired of squeezing.

A severe traumatic brain injury rocked our world and almost claimed A.J.’s life.

God is so wise to not allow us to know our future. I cannot imagine how this child would have lived his life had I known what was in store for him. Would I have allowed him out of the house? Would I have bubble wrapped him? I most certainly would have made him wear a bike or baseball helmet AT ALL TIMES.

A.J. 001

Tonight I will watch AJ. play baseball with his brother for their season opener.  What a cute catcher he is; #4 for his favorite catcher, Yadier Molina, of the St. Louis Cardinals.

If you think I’m comfortable with him catching; think again!

It happened like this: Last year at the beginning of the season, Farm Boy, who was one of the coaches picked up the baseball gear from the association. Everyone on the team was new to baseball, except my boys, and since we had the gear A.J. suited up and practiced catching at home. That is how it happened.

I have informed A.J. that I want this to be his last season of catching. Each year will become more physical and I DO NOT want him being plowed over as the other team tries to score a run; not caring if they slam him to the ground in an attempt to make him drop the ball for the R.B.I. at home plate.

I think he should concentrate on bowling. Ha! I’m only half joking.

Today my joy abounds as I recall snapshots my heart has taken of A.J. over the last three years. Snapshots of answered prayers, therapy appointments, fun times, teachable moments, frustrating moments, caring moments, ornery moments, giggles, spiritual growth, church moments, a deep thinker who I do not always have an immediate answer for, a boss man who has great potential as I teach him to become a servant leader,  an avid debater (pros and cons), brother moments, tender moments, a little man on his way to only God knows what.  My heart if full!

Happy Birthday my co-chocoholic and fellow lover of Tex-Mex food.

I am thankful to have you and I love you; even at 4:12 a.m. when you wake up ready to celebrate the day!

I think birthday lunch will be served at 9:30 a.m. since we will have been up for five hours. Yawn…

AJs birthday


Update on A.J.



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