Book Release: What Is a Girl Worth?

I was given an advance copy of both of Rachael Denhollander’s books to read in exchange for my honest opinion about the books. These reviews are in my words. The power of one voice. Rachael Denhollander is an attorney, advocate, and educator who became known internationally as the first woman to file a police reportContinue reading “Book Release: What Is a Girl Worth?”

Survivor of SGM on Josh Harris leaving his wife and his faith

The end of his book, divorce, no longer a Christian,, and a sexual abuse cover-up scandal. What now? Prayer! Prayer for so many people in several directions. Here is a good commentary on the situation.

Lynn Messer case timeline |GoFundMe for Abram’s family

Here is the entire timeline of which I read a part of at the candlelight prayer vigil. I’ve also included the link to the GoFundMe page for Abram, Elizabeth and thier children.

Lynn Messer prayer vigil update: Important

Please read this if you plan on attending the candlelight prayer vigil for Lynn Messer. Thank you.

Lynn Messer’s Death Certificate: What it does and doesn’t say

Candlelight prayer vigil details; plus, what the death certificate says and doesn’t say leaves legal room to easily come back and make changes to the certificate at a later date.

Lynn Messer prayer vigil signs

Get your candlelight prayer vigil signs here…
We look forward to seeing you Monday night.

Spring Thomas (Messer) 20 Talking Points

Here is a list and timeline of Spring Thomas (Messer’s) life as related to the disappearance of Lynn Messer.

12 problems with Kerry Messer’s Version of Lynn’s Case

Read about them here as I gear up for Lynn’s prayer vigil. #JusticeForLynn

Lynn Messer Public Prayer Vigil, July 8, 2019

Please make plans to attend a prayer vigil for Lynn Messer as we ask God for answers, truth, and #JusticeForLynn. Please share on social media, church prayer-chains, and with friends. Thank you.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Safety Questions for Parents to Ask Kids

Here are some questions for conversation that you can use with your kids to make sure school, church, extra-curricular activities, and outings with friends and family are safe.

Pedophile or Molester?

Here are the differences between pedophiles and molesters. The one thing they have in common: they don’t change.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: Symptoms Part 3

Know emotional and behavioral signs to look for. This could be for your child or a friend’s child. Sometimes a friend, family member, or someone in your social network will notice changes too. Knowledge = Protective Power

Protecting Children from Predators: Childhood Sexual Abuse Part 2

Let’s compare myth to facts and learn signs that an adult may be targeting a child for sexual reasons. Also learn how to respond to a child’s disclosure of abuse.

How Sexual Predators Choose Child Victims: Part 1

Knowledge is power. Keep your children and grandbabies safe. I go by this simple rule: when in a crowd or gathering of any sort; I assume there is a predator in our midst and protectively act accordingly.

Lynn Messer’s note handwriting comparison

I’ve received several pieces of handwriting belonging to Lynn Messer and to (allegedly) Kerry Messer. Take a look at the differences. Is this perhaps the reason Kerry Messer didn’t want family to see the entire note? Would family have known from day one that Lynn didn’t write all of the note?

Abusers, Denial, and 10 Tips From Their Playbook

In light of the R. Kelly headlines: Read the different ways abusers react when confronted and study their team playbook. Should you believe them? Is letting them off the hook showing grace…after all, aren’t grace and forgiveness biblical concepts?

Abuse of Faith part 3: 10 reasons abusers keep preying

Abuse of Faith Part 3: How do so many get buy with it? Grandiose acting & the help of enablers. Or…people who want to pretend it isn’t true so they refuse to listen or read the facts. If this is you…you’re creating the perfect scenario for your child, loved one or church family to be victimized. READ an abuser’s letter to a missionary and see how it happens.

Abuse of Faith: Part 2

How SBC attendees treated rally speakers, how my former husband found ministry after ministry allowing him access to more prey, why it is wise to wait and see how the SBC responds, & Part 2 of Abuse of Faith: Offend, then repeat by the Houston Chronicle.

Abuse of Faith: The SBC

Please don’t look away; Jesus isn’t. This case is not overstated, if anything the number of victims is under estimated. This isn’t just an SBC problem. In the end…most abusers believe they are the victims of the children. Twisted thinking for sure!

Happy New Year: You can do this!

Encouragement and validation to start the new year. If you know someone who can benefit from being understood in the middle of a difficult marriage; please pass this on!

Child sexual abuse rampant during the holidays

Are you aware that children can be ‘groomed’ or molested right in front of your eyes without you being wise to it? For people looking to offend; holiday gatherings provide a bountiful, unsuspecting selection. Learn some of the clues you can look for.

Shanann Watts domestic violence murder update

Shanann Watts’ husband, Chris Watts, confessed to killing Shanann and their two daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, as part of a plea deal to avoid the death sentence. He also pled guilty to the unlawful termination of Shanann’s pregnancy; the death of their unborn son. Watts will spend the rest of his life inContinue reading “Shanann Watts domestic violence murder update”

Lynn Messer Update November Election

Lynn Messer disappeared July 8, 2014. We now know that Lynn has been deceased the entire time and I have been told by law enforcement multiple times through the years that Kerry Messer, her husband, has not been cleared in the investigation surrounding Lynn’s death.  Kerry is a Missouri state lobbyist who represents family, homeschooling,Continue reading “Lynn Messer Update November Election”

Hope lost in a difficult marriage?

Life is hard, and life married to an angry, controlling spouse seems impossible. Without realizing it you withhold hope as an area in which you allow God access. Hopelessness is an easy place to arrive when talking to counselors, doctors, domestic violence, and advocates for women in abusive marriages, but mainly after praying for yearsContinue reading “Hope lost in a difficult marriage?”

Shanann Watts case: 20 reasons abuse stays hidden and can lead to death

The last time I wrote I gave you my observations on the Shanann Watts case; specifically my thoughts on the husband’s behavior in interviews.  *Disclaimer: Abuse crosses all genders, socioeconomic statuses, nationalities, tones of skin, and religions. I minister to women and therefore I use the term woman in most of my writings. Allow meContinue reading “Shanann Watts case: 20 reasons abuse stays hidden and can lead to death”

The Shanann Watts case: My observations.

  I think these were likely heinous, violent, selfish, dark acts of murder from a cold, calculating, evil, angry, and controlling man who looked normal, nice, caring, and nurturing to those watching on the outside.     I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the headlines: Husband kills pregnant wife and their two little girls.Continue reading “The Shanann Watts case: My observations.”

Sign petition to encourage abuse disclosure protocol, training & a database for the SBC

Please sign this petition to encourage the SBC to take action against abuse now. The story of @girlnamedanne is one of too many. Click here to sign: Establish SBC Abuse Database, Abuse Disclosure Protocol and Ministry Leader Training Now Anne Marie Miller was sexually abused by a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) youth pastor when sheContinue reading “Sign petition to encourage abuse disclosure protocol, training & a database for the SBC”

Lynn Messer 4 years later: What her death certificate says; Kerry and Spring’s wedding invite

Tomorrow, July 8, marks the 4 year anniversary of the reporting of Lynn Messer as a missing person. Upon her disappearance, the family farm where Lynn lived with her husband was mapped with grids and searched by rescue and recovery teams, along with trained search and rescue dogs. Searching was done by air, foot, andContinue reading “Lynn Messer 4 years later: What her death certificate says; Kerry and Spring’s wedding invite”

Lysa TerKeurst: This is how it’s supposed to happen…reconciliation

This is great news!  We all enjoy good stories that begin with “Once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after” in the same way as Disney movies and children’s fairy tale books. Even the Bible begins and ends in such a way, but what about everything that happens in between the beginning andContinue reading “Lysa TerKeurst: This is how it’s supposed to happen…reconciliation”

The Abuse Survivor’s 23rd Psalm

The Abuse Survivor’s 23rd Psalm…fitting, accurate, healing…

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