A Valentine’s Day thought…

“A Happy Good Valentine’s Day thought..

Bleeding Hearts

Do you believe God is who He says He is in the Bible?

Do you believe He can do anything He wants; including but not limited to acts recorded in the Bible?

Do you believe God can heal the sick?

Do you believe God can raise the dead?


If God can heal the sick and raise the dead—

He can heal a sick, broken or dead relationship.

It may take time; or it may be instant, complete and permanent.


Do you lack belief in any of the above areas?

Pray for what you lack!

Act in faith—

Your faith demonstrates there is another option though you cannot not see it with your eyes or hear it with your ears. You can’t explain it but you see it with your faith. It exists because your Father in Heaven can do whatever pleases Him; and your faith pleases Him.


Below is a post from Beth Moore’s Living Proof Blog:


A Valentine’s Post: I Believe and I Don’t


I believe in romance.

I believe in the love between a man and a woman.

I believe that love can be sustained for a lifetime.

I believe in falling back in love over and over.

I believe in making up.

I believe that good marriages are wed of soft hearts and hard heads: a tenderness to love and be loved and a tenacity too bone-headed to quit.

I believe that laughter lasts longer than sex.

I believe that many people marry people they do not love.

I believe that desperation gets confused with affection.

I believe that many couples divorce that could have made it.

I believe that God can resurrect hearts that are stone-cold dead and create love between a couple ex nihilo.

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